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We are looking for partners who are like-minded, who believe, as we do, on holistic health, greener tomorrow and in overall responsibilities towards the community and the planet we serve. The person/business associate(s) must understand Bengali community and its culture, heritage, history very well. Connections with West Bengal market will be an added advantage.
Entrepreneur(s) and people looking for a franchise business opportunity in the online retail segment in India. Entrepreneur(s) and people must have experience in dealing with retail customers with home delivery system in place. Experience in multi store management will be an added advantage.
Total investment will vary from INR 35 Lakh to INR 55 Lakh depending upon locations, city and business prospects.
Ideally we are looking for minimum of 800 – 1200 Sq Ft. business space in an upmarket area in your city. The place should be commercially approved or the approval can be attained by the franchise owner later. Shop/store or business space should comply with the guidelines set by the team of Borderless Office.

With this Franchise Licence of Grihosthi Essential Dailies you have other cross selling avenues to enhance your business growth.
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Grihosthi Essential Dailies‘S Support

As a valued partner of Grihosthi Essential Dailies, you get the license to use our brand name. Further, Grihosthi Essential Dailies provides full support, technical know-how & guidance to set up a store. Grihosthi Essential Dailies’s own customized software ensures smooth running of operations at the store & helps manage all invoicing, accounting & operations online.

Grihosthi Essential Dailies provides designs for advertising material such as banners, posters and signboards for use by your stores and for internet marketing. Customer engagements & other schemes will be run from time to time to give a boost to your business.

Grihosthi Essential Dailies conducts regular marketing activities to generate enquiries. The company also runs it’s own marketing activities to generate business enquiries. All these enquiries are passed on to the respective stores.

Grihosthi Essential Dailies will provide all types of payment collections solutions (digital payments, mobile wallet payments, COD) to the respective stores. Technical supports to run the store smoothly will also be provided from time to time.

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